semi-managed facebook eCommerce shop
the easiest way to run your own facebook commerce shop

Our facebook Commerce plan is perfect if you want to limit the risks and avoid spending a lot of money up front.

Our managed facebook eCommerce service means you pay a monthly fee and the updating of your products and images will be done by us. No technical skills needed.

We provide you with a professional facebook shop in a carefully researched market niche. You sell the products and you keep the profits.

We have selected reliable suppliers with top quality products, taken product images and pre-load your facebook shop so it is ready to run and make sales.

Our facebook shop and managed eCommerce data feed service is the perfect and affordable way to get started with your own online business.

from £25.00 per month
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Quick Summary
  • Semi-managed facebook shop
  • Ready to run and make sales
  • Loaded with quality products
  • Product updates included
  • Keep the profits from sales
Everything you need to run a successful online shop
  • Ready to run facebook commerce online store
  • Pre-loaded with top quality products
  • No stock or technical knowledge needed
  • Fast, secure and reliable hosting included
  • Quick setup with ongoing support
  • Product data and image feeds included
  • Data feeds managed by us with inventory updates included
  • The fastest and easiest way to start a facebook commerce business

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We have saved you the time and work researching and identifying quality products which sell, finding reliable suppliers, taking high quality images, writing product descriptions, building a professional product feed and organising all the things you do not know you need for your online business.

Complete eCommerce Solution

There is no software to install or configure and no technical knowledge needed. You do not even need to buy any stock to get started.

Reliable suppliers and quality products

Finding suppliers who will not let you down is critical to your online business success. We carefully research each product niche to ensure the products are top quality and the suppliers are 100% genuine, reliable and will dispatch your orders quickly.

Product Data and Image Feeds Updates

Your facebook Commerce store will need product and image updates. We do them quickly and efficiently in the background.

Expert Customer Support

Our customer support is excellent. The best support is the ticket you never need to open. The expert developers and engineers who make up our support team work hard to keep everything running smoothly. If things do go wrong, they can quickly identify what is wrong and recommend solutions.


We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving payment. It takes a few days from starting the process to your store going live online. It is done by real people and not automated software. Our team is here to support you.

Word of mouth, talking to friends and family, party plans and sharing on your own social media pages are free ways to promote your online store. You can also hire us to help with your online marketing, pay someone else or do it all yourself.

Yes. We can provide advertising, digital marketing and promotion. We can set up scheduled posts for you on social media, design eye catching graphics and manage your social media marketing campaigns. We can also produce custom product images, promotional videos and adverts.

You can keep things simple and have customers contact you for payment or take payments through a payment processor like Paypal or similar. When you are ready you can also set up a valid merchant account with a payment gateway company and accept credit cards. When customers place orders and complete checkout through your eCommerce store, you can then receive their payment through the payment gateway account.

Yes. You can use PayPal to process credit cards or you can setup a merchant account with an organisation like Braintree, or 2Checkout to process credit cards. We can help you organise this.

We will put you in direct contact with the supplier and help you set up an account with them so you can place trade orders directly.

When the supplier adds new products to their collections we will prepare the product images and descriptions and add them to the data feed.

You can read through our FAQ and if you cannot find the answers you can contact us and we will be happy to help.

Pre-loaded facebook Commerce website
Works on mobile, tablet, laptops and more
All descriptions optimised with SEO keywords
Multiple image views in product gallery
UK based ticket support included as standard
Data and image feed updates included as standard
Optional Add Ons
Instagram Shop

We can help you register your facebook shop to Instagram so you can extend your reach on social media. Reach more, sell more.

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Custom Graphics

We can create you a custom logo and banners for use in your social media accounts so your business looks more professional.

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Returns Handling

We can provide you with a returns address and inform you when something arrives so you can issue appropriate refunds to your customer.

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