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We provide affordable expert technical support with on demand support, ticket support, phone support and remote assistance for eCommerce website owners so you can sleep at night.

With our eCommerce and website support, you do not have to experience frustration and wasted time when you find yourself stuck.

To access expert assistance from our team of technicians, developers and support agents, simply contact us by phone or raise a support ticket and one of our specialists will quickly get back to help you.

We offer different plans which include support depending on different needs and number of support hours.

You can choose from online ticket support, remote assistance, phone support and ongoing maintenance with our affordable support plans.

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Which Support Plan

Different people have different needs for eCommerce and website support. Choosing the right one will depend on your personal and business goals.

Every customer has our Standard plan. Our Pay as you go, Enterprise, and Priority plans offer additional guidance and support to help you succeed faster.

standard support

Take advantage of the free online ticket support available to every customer. Included in all licenses.

pay as you go support

Get support when you need it with on demand technical support and pay as you go pricing. Total price depends upon time and products purchased.

Choose pay as you go support if:

  • Your support needs are likely to be small, infrequent or unpredictable
  • You are largely self-sufficient and only need occasional assistance
  • You are happy to take the risk of occasional one-off separate charges for support
  • You do not want a regular plan and are happy to pay for support when you need it
enterprise (pre-paid by the hour)

Get faster response times with hourly technical support plans and access to remote assistance. Total price depends upon time and products purchased.

Choose enterprise (pre-paid by the hour) support if:

  • You expect to have an occasional or regular need for support at short notice
  • You want a lower hourly rate than the PAYG On Demand Support Plan
  • You do not want the admin hassles of a number of small unpredictable invoices for support requests
  • You can buy 5 hours of support time in advance, and top-up when your balance drops below two hours
priority (pre-paid set hours) support

Keep things running smoothly with fixed hours of technical support on demand, unlimited ticket support and Concierge phone support

Choose priority (pre-paid set hours) support if:

  • You use any of our services and want to pay a fixed regular monthly fee
  • You do not have the in-house capability to do the work
  • You prefer we take the risk away from you for making changes to your website
  • You want the option for the time taken on larger projects to be covered by a regular support arrangement
  • You want to pay the same hourly rate regardless of resource type (management, web developers, support and admin staff)
  • You want Concierge Support. You can call us on the phone, explain your issues, and we guide you through what to do

our eCommerce and website support will give you guaranteed peace of mind and will help drive your online business success.